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Per-device Service Function Chaining for Internet of Things

This article describes how Service Function Chaining (SFC) can be applied to enhance per-device flow control among the Internet of Things. This approach aim to enable a custom chain of Virtual Network Function (VNF) for every single IoT device. This article addresses the challenge related to the expansion of Software Defined Networking (SDN) to IoT devices over Internet. The contribution presented by this article is the extension of the Web of Things (WoT) architecture to support OpenFlow and enable integration of WoT virtual devices to the SDN network.
Introduction SFC - RFC 7665 - is an approach that provides the ability to define an ordered list of a network services (Firewalls - L4-7, Network Address Translation - NAT, Intrusion Protection and Detection Systems - IDS & IPS) [1]. These services are then "composed" together in a virtual chain. SFC is a capability that uses SDN to create a service chain to set up suites or catalogs of connected services th…

Web of Things: The building blocks for IoT applications

This article aims to introduce the Web of Things (WoT) as building blocks for applications based on the IoT devices. As a growing area, IoT services and application have a huge potential. From home automation to smart-grid passing by industrial manufacturer, IoT is gaining popularity as a potential solution to address their need. Several technologies can be used to build an IoT application mainly because of the specific constraints of the devices. This creates interoperability challenges for communication between devices.
Introduction WoT is an initiative by the W3C to apply on the IoT device the sames principles as for the existing web resources across the Internet. The main idea behind WoT is exposing virtual or physical devices as a resource with a description of it's capabilities. That resource can then be accessed from a browser or another device in the same manner as web page. WoT is not a proposition for a new communication protocol between devices, it uses e…