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IoT with Google's Android Things

I was asking myself what google is doing in IoT other than providing a Cloud service for IoT on their Google Cloud Platform. Recently, i learned during a meeting that they have a lot of activity on the IoT and i decided to dig into it. This article aims to introduce one aspect of Google's effort in IoT which is an operating system based on Android for the IoT devices called Android Things. A bit of history Since the announcement of the Project Brillo on 2015, which received a lot of criticism from the community. Google decided to steer their effort to build an IoT device operating system to a safe bet which is Android. Indeed, as Android SDK have a clear success in the mobile devices, Google emphasis the fact that developers can leverage their knowledge on development on mobile devices to build solutions for IoT. System and provisioning architectures You have probably guessed from the name of the project, Android Things operating system reuses both architectural structure and com…