Publicity plan for a workshop or conference

I had hard for me to figure out how to create a publicity plan for a workshop. This post describes how to proceed and gives an example.


If you are planning to organize a Workshop jointly with a main conference, you will have to answer a lot of questions including:
  • How it relate tot he main conference ?
  • How much papers are you expecting ?
  • What is the publicity plan for this Workshop ?
The first two can only be answered by you as you are the expert of your field. I can give some hints to answer the last one :)

What is a publicity plan ?

Wikipedia defines publicity as “the movement of information to the general public from the media on subjects including people, goods and services, organizations, and works of art or entertainment”.

For a workshop, that means that you have to share your Call For Papers (CFP) on as many canals as possible to attract as much submissions as you could. Indeed, as the quality of a conference/Workshop is usually measured partially by it's acceptance rate, having many submissions gives you the choice to higher the quality of the accepted papers.

How to build a publicity plan ?

I propose the following structure for you publicity plan. i have already tested this structure, guess what ? it works !!

  1. General description : describe generalities about your promotion strategy.
  2. Website: describe your publicity indexation strategy and provide an URL. 
  3. Specialized websites: describe the list of website where you will create an CFP announcement 
  4. Mailing lists : list the mailing list that you are planning to use
  5. Google groups: there is probably groups in google talking about your field, list them.
  6. Direct emails : List your colleagues on the fields that you can send an Email to and ask them to submit their current work in the work shop.
  7. Ambassadors: You, your TPC members, your colleagues on your laboratory can help. List the conferences that you of someone that you personally know can attend and where he can share fliers about your Workshop.
  8. Social medias : Twitter and LinkedIn are a most, you can consider orhers if you are using them.

An Example

The following example is the publicity plan that i have used for FMCIoT2018 :

1      Publicity plan 

We are planning to promote the workshop using the canals described below.

1.1     Website

The workshop website is online; our publicity chair is actively working on indexation in google.
Web site’s url :

1.2     Specialized Websites

Create an CFP announcement with the full description of the workshop in:
  1. PaperCrowd ( )
  2. H-Net (
  3. Conferize (
  4. Conference Submit (
  5. Conference Alerts (
  6. OurGlocal (
  7. Wikicfp (
  8. Lanyrd (
  9. BrownWalker (
  10. All Conferences (
  11. EventSeer (
  12. All Conference Alert (
  13. List of (
  14. All Conference Alerts (
  15. Conferensum (
  16. Paperleap  (
  17. The CFP List (

1.3     Mailing lists:

The CFP will be sent to a dozen of active mailing lists including:

  1. .
  2. .

1.4     Google Groups

Emails will be sent to the google groups that are close to the Cloud and IoT such as:
  1. planning-list
  2. hpc-announce
  3. open-repositories
  4. CFP

1.5     Direct emails

We personally know researchers that are working on the Mobile cloud and IoT, we are planning to send emails to them.

1.6     Ambassadors

Most of the Chairs/TPC members accepted to:
  1. Place printed ads/fliers on their institutions (NIST, CNAM, INSEETS, UPEC)
  2. Place printed ads/fliers on the conferences and workshops that they are attending/organizing (BigDataService 2018, Bamberg in Germany)

1.7     Social Media

Accounts will be created and actively maintained by the publicity chair in:
  1. LinkedIn
  2. Twitter



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